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Stephanie Alger
MA Student

Early Modern architecture, decorative arts, and bibliography; The culture of the art world, practices of collecting, and art criticism; Local contemporary art and architecture

Sadie Arft
PhD Candidate
Late Medieval and Northern Renaissance Art
Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art
Imperial Artistic Patronage, 963-1250
Liz Dillard
MA/PhD Student

Nineteenth-century European art and Contemporary art.

Sarah Dyer
PhD Candidate
Late Medieval and Northern Renaissance Art
French Gothic Architecture
Gender in Japanese Buddhist Art
Lauren Erickson
PhD Candidate

Nineteenth-Century French Art
Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art
American Art 1900-1950


Jennifer Friess
PhD Candidate

History of photography
Nineteenth- and twentieth-century art and visual culture

Ruiying Gao
PhD Candidate

Intersection of natural history and art history in East Asian pictorial art
Arts of Early China
Arts of Edo Japan

Kristan Hanson
PhD Candidate

Nineteenth-Century French Art and Visual Culture
Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art
Modern and Contemporary Art of Japan

Gahee In
MA/PhD Student

American Modern and Contemporary Art

Mary Frances Ivey
PhD Student

Art since 1960
Artists of sixteenth-century Italy
The seventeenth-century Dutch Republic
Nineteenth-century France

Liz James
MA Student
Modern and Contemporary
19th Century French
Alexis Littrell
MA/PhD Student

19th-Century French Art

Carolyn Nordengren
MA/PhD Student
Early Modern Northern European Art
Cultural Exchange in the Age of Exploration
Ashley Offill
PhD Candidate

Early Modern Italian Art and Architecture
Cult of Saints and Relics
Medieval Islamic Art and Architecture


Rachel Quist
PhD Student
Japanese Buddhist sculpture, Nara through Kamakura
Chinese Buddhist sculpture, Tang through Song
Japanese prints, Edo through the present
Yayoi Shinoda
MA Student

Visual culture from medieval to early modern Japan
Narrative paintings and genre paintings from medieval to early modern Japan
Perceptions, display methods, and history of collecting Japanese art in the U.S.

Sara Stepp
PhD Candidate

Art Since 1960
French Art, 1848-1900
Modern and Contemporary Japanese Art

Meng Tong
PhD Candidate

Buddhist Art along the Overland Silk Routes
Art and Religion of Early China
Buddhist Art and Ritual of Heian-period Japan

Anne Totten
MA/PhD Student

Late Nineteenth/Early Twentieth Century American Art

Maggie Vaughn
Global Contemporary Art since 1960
Art in the U.S. after 1900
European Modernism
Modern and Contemporary Japanese Art
Katherine White
MA Student

Nineteenth-century French art

Modern art in Europe and America

Dandan Xu
MA Student

Pre-modern Chinese painting and visual culture
Cross-culture transmission in East-Asia painting
Intricate relationship between texts and images

Weitian Yan
PhD Candidate

Chinese Calligraphy
Sites of Memory
Japanese Narrative Scrolls

Jeongwon Yoon
MA/PhD Student

Korean and Japanese ceramics
Korean and Japanese visual culture in the 19th and 20th Century


Zhao Yi
PhD Candidate

Early and Medieval Chinese Buddhist Art and Architecture
Early Japanese Buddhist Art
Modern and Contemporary Japanese Art
Chinese Landscape and Literati Painting

Pinyan Zhu
PhD Candidate

Visual Culture of Chinese Cave-Shrines
Heian and Kamakura Japanese Buddhist Sculpture
Visual Arts of Modern and Contemporary Japan

Ying Zhu
MA/PhD Student

Chinese Paintings/Museum Education

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