Alumni Spotlights

BA Alumni

Annette Becker

Annette Becker

BA 2011
Director and Curator
Texas Fashion Collection, University of North Texas
Lora Wiley

Lora Wiley

BA 1995
Managing Owner
Au Marché, Lawrence, KS

BFA Alumni

Photo of Matthew Bailey

Matthew Bailey

BFA 2001
Gallery Director and Assistant Professor in the Department of Art & Design
University of Arkansas Fort Smith
Photo of Emily Lew Fry

Emily Lew Fry

BFA 2006
Director of Interpretation
Art Institute of Chicago

MA Alumni

Raechell Smith

Raechell Smith

MA 1992
H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute
Corine Wegener

Corine Wegener

MA 2001
Director, Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative
Smithsonian Institution

PhD Alumni

Ling-en Lu

Ling-en Lu

PhD 2007
Associate Curator, Chinese Art
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Franklin D. Murphy Distinguished Alumni Lecturers

Since 2005, the department has annually invited a distinguished alumnus of our program back to KU to deliver a public lecture. The Distinguished Alumni Lecturer is also profiled in the department newsletter.

Franklin D. Murphy Distinguished Alumni Lecturers

2005  James K. Ballinger Politics, Controversy, and Intrigue: The Unexpected in Art History

2006  Hollis B. Goodall From "More is Better" to "Less is More": Developments in Japanese Decorative Arts, 1880-1950

2007  Marla F. Prather Retrospective at Mid-Career: Some Observations on Curatorial Practice and Contemporary Art

2008  Mindy Nancarrow Insiders and Outsiders: The Impact of Political Transformation in Spain on Research Opportunities for Art Historians

2009  Donald A. Wood Buddhas and BBQ: Asian Art in the Deep South

2010  Elizabeth Broun Understanding American Democracy Through American Art

2011  Matthew Welch Adventures in Curating: Missteps and Milestones

2012  Michael Grauer My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys and Indians, and other Horror Stories of an Unorthodox Historian of Art (and other stuff)

2013  Vernon Hyde Minor The Importance of Being Art History

2014  Corine Wegener From Berlin to Baghdad: When Art Historians go to War

2015  Ellen Goheen From Temples of Art to Venues of Entertainment: The Evolution of the Art Museum

2016  Scott A. Shields Three California Artists (including one you've heard of): Jules Tavernier, Armin Hansen, & Richard Diebenkorn

2017  An-Yi Pan Moments: Traversing Prairie, Red Rocks, and Gorges

2018  Randall Griffey The Yellow Brick Road to The Met: Reflections on Kansas, Art History, Then, and Now

2019  Claudia Brown Collecting the Arts of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911): A Personal View

2020  Mark White From OK to LA and Back Again

2021  Robert Mowry Collected Stones: The Essence of the Chinese Landscape

2022  Jan Howard  A Curator's Journey

2023  Patricia Fidler Endleaves to EPubs: Adventures of an Art Book Editor