Preparation for Graduate Study in Art History

Fall 2022 Murphy Seminar

KU undergraduates interested in pursuing graduate study in the field of art history at KU or elsewhere should prioritize the following:

  • taking art history courses numbered 500+ taught by department faculty
  • completing the fourth semester of a language by the spring semester of the Senior year

Qualified students interested in pursuing an M.A. in art history should consider preparing for and applying to the Accelerated M.A. program. This degree plan enables outstanding KU students to earn B.A./B.G.S. and M.A. degrees in art history in 5 years. 12 hours of 500-level-or-above coursework in the major completed in Year 4 of study count towards both the B.A./B.G.S. and M.A. degrees. The M.A. degree is completed in Year 5 with 18 additional hours of coursework. Please see our Accelerated M.A. webpage for additional information.

Graduate Program Contacts

Undergraduate Accelerated M.A. Contact