Current Graduate Students

Sadie Arft
  • PhD Candidate
  • Late Medieval and Northern Renaissance Art
  • Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art
  • Imperial Artistic Patronage, 963-1250

Sarah Dyer
  • PhD Candidate
  • Late Medieval and Northern Renaissance Art
  • French Gothic Architecture
  • Gender in Japanese Buddhist Art

KU Jayhawk
  • PhD Candidate
  • Late Medieval Manuscripts and Early Printed Books
  • Cross-Cultural Exchange
  • Medieval Gender and Sexuality

Daisuke Murata
  • PhD Candidate
  • Modern and Contemporary Japanese Visual Arts, 19th–21st Centuries
  • Issues in Classical Gardens of China and Japan, 15th–19th Centuries
  • Korean and Japanese Ceramics, 5th Century–1945
  • ​Modern and Contemporary Korean Art

Carolyn Nordengren
  • PhD Candidate
  • Late Medieval, Northern Renaissance Art
  • Urbanism and the Built Environment in Italy, 1200-1500
  • Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Seventeenth-Century Dutch Genre Scenes

Photo of Rachel Quist
  • PhD Candidate
  • Japanese Buddhist sculpture, Nara through Kamakura
  • Chinese Buddhist sculpture, Tang through Song
  • Japanese prints, Edo through the present

Vidhita Raina
  • PhD Candidate
  • Cross-cultural Interactions in Japanese Art, 16th-19th Centuries
  • Material Culture of the Ming Dynasty, 14th-17th Centuries
  • History of Asian American/Asian Diaspora Art

KU Jayhawk
  • PhD Candidate
  • Visual culture from medieval to early modern Japan
  • Narrative paintings and genre paintings from medieval to early modern Japan
  • Perceptions, display methods, and history of collecting Japanese art in the U.S.

Meng Tong
  • PhD Candidate
  • Buddhist Cave Art and Cross-Cultural Interactions
  • Buddhist Narrative Art and Narratology
  • Buddhist Images and Ritual of Heian Japan (794 – 1185)

Michael Vanhartingsveldt standing in front of a shrine
  • PhD Candidate
  • Japanese Buddhist Sculpture: Eighth through Fourteenth Centuries
  • Patronage of Religious Sites in Pre-Tenth Century East Asia
  • Manga: Histories, Theories, and Aesthetics

Logan Ward
  • PhD Student
  • Art and visual culture in/from Korea, 20th century to the present
  • US American art museum history
  • Postcolonial and queer theory

Morgan Williamson
  • PhD Student
  • Japanese Painting and Prints of the Edo Period
  • Japanese Narrative art and Print
  • Perceptions of Gender and the role(s) of women in the Japanese art world

Hae Jeong Yoon
  • PhD Candidate
  • Artistic interactions within the East Asian cultural sphere in the premodern era
  • Art production and royal patronage during the Chosŏn dynasty (1392–1910) through the early 20th Century
  • North Korea’s art exports to Africa and Southeast Asia from the 1970s