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  • Professor, 17th-Century Dutch and Flemish Art

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209-C Spencer Museum of Art


Linda Stone-Ferrier specializes in seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish art. Her research interests include seventeenth-century Dutch scenes of daily life, landscapes, and the art of Rembrandt.​


Ph.D. in History of Art, University of California, Berkeley, 1980
M.A. in History of Art, University of California, Berkeley, 1975
B.A. in History of Art & English Literature, University of California, Berkeley, 1972
University of Edinurgh, Scotland, 1971


Lecture Classes
Introduction to Western Art History II: Renaissance through Modern Art
Visualizing War and Peace in Western Art Rembrandt
Art in the Age of Rubens, Rembrandt and Vermeer: Northern Baroque

Graduate Seminars
Vermeer & Contemporaries
Seventeenth-Century Dutch Genre Imagery
Seventeenth-Century Dutch Landscapes & Cityscapes
Haarlem's Golden Age
Seventeenth-Century Dutch & Flemish Portraiture
The Dutch Home
Women in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art and Culture
The Dutch Neighborhood

PhD Dissertation Committees Chaired (University of Kansas):

Reilly Shwab, PhD, “Goede Nacht: Depictions of the Night in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Visual Culture,” Status: completed, 2019

Tyler York, PhD,” Dressing the Part/Parting with the Dress: Rembrandt’s Refashioning of Middle Eastern Attire,” Status: completed, 2019

Megan Blocksom, PhD, "Images of Processions in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Visual Culture" Status: completed. 2017 with Honors

Denise Giannino, PhD, "Familial Identity and Site Specificity: A Study of the Hybrid Genre of Dutch Family Landscape Portraiture" Status: completed. 2017

Ellen O’Neil Rife, PhD, "The Exotic Gift and the Art of the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic" Status: completed. 2013 with Honors

Elissa Anderson, PhD, "Re-forming Mary in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Prints" Status: completed. 2009

Roberta Pokphanh, PhD, "The Proceeds of Prosperity: Seventeenth-Century Dutch Images of Money Management and Exchange" Status: completed. 2009

Michelle Moseley Christian, PhD, "Seventeenth-Century Dutch Portraits in Scenes of Every Day Life" Status: completed. 2007 with Honors & recipient of the 2008 Dorothy Haglund Outstanding Dissertation Award

Sarah Crawford-Parker, PhD, "Refashioning Female Identity: Women's Roles in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Historiated Portraits" Status: completed. 2006

Mary Alice Spellman, PhD, "Rembrandt's Humor: Scatology, Satire, Burlesque, and Irony in Six Etchings" Status: completed. 2006 with Honors

Jan Kennedy, PhD, "Images of the Soldier in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art" Status: completed. 2002

Diane Cearfoss Mankin, PhD, "Dutch Seventeenth-Century Images of Classicizing Palaces and Villas inside the Netherlands" Status: completed. 1996

Steven Golan, PhD, "Scenes from Republican Roman History in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art" Status: completed. 1994

Gretchen Atwater, PhD, "The Impact of Trade by the Dutch East India Company on Seventeenth-Century Netherlandish Art" Status: completed. 1992

Shana Stuart, PhD, "The Portuguese Jewish Community in Seventeenth-Century Amsterdam: Images of Commemoration and Documentation" Status: completed. 1992

Valerie Lind Hedquist, PhD, "The Passion of Christ in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Painting" Status: completed. 1990

Janey Levy, PhD, "The Last Judgment in Early Netherlandish Painting: Faith, Authority, and Charity in the Fifteenth Century" Status: completed. 1987 with Honors & recipient of

Dorothy Haglund Prize for Most Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation 1988

Mindy Taggard, PhD, "The Narrative Biblical Series in Seventeenth-Century Spanish Painting: Murillo's Life of Jacob and the Prodigal Son" Status: completed. 1984

Selected Publications

Books/Exhibition Catalogue (refereed)

The Little Street: The Neighborhood in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art and Culture, Yale University Press, 2022

Images of Textiles: The Weave of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art and Society, UMI Research Press Art Patronage Series, Ann Arbor, MI, 1985

Dutch Prints of Daily Life: Mirrors of Life or Masks of Morals?, scholarly exhibition catalogue, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, 1983

Articles and Book Chapters (refereed)

“The Triumph of the Visual: The Observable Western World,” in the Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Visual Culture3 vols. (vol. 1: Histories, Theories, Globalities), ed. Jane Kromm, Michael Gardiner & Julian Halyadyn, & Heike Raphael-Hernandez (London: Bloomsbury Publishing, PLC) (in progress)

“Drawing on the Neighborhood in Rembrandt’s Inscription on a Drawing,” De Kroniek, journal published by the Museum het Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam (forthcoming)

"Glimpses, Glances and Gossip: Seventeenth-Century Dutch Paintings of Domestic Interiors on Their Neighbourhood’s Doorstep,” RACAR: revue d'art canadienne / Canadian Art Review (Universities Art Association of Canada), Special Issue: Approaching Home. New Perspectives on the Domestic Interior 45, no. 2 (Fall 2020): 25–46. Link to article on (pdf)

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Book Introduction (invited)

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Encyclopedia Entries (invited)

Entries on 17th-century Dutch market and textile imagery, in Dutch Art: An Encyclopedia, edited by Sheila D. Muller, vol. 1021 (Garland Publishing, Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, 1997), 181, 379–80.

Awards & Honors

CLAS Dean's Award for Exceptional Student Mentoring, 2018

Emily Taylor Women's Resource Center Woman Educator of the Year, University of Kansas, 2006

John C. Wright Graduate Mentor Award, University of Kansas, 2004

Hall Center for the Humanities Lecture Series, University of Kansas, 2004

W. T. Kemper Fellowship for (Graduate) Teaching Excellence, University-wide Award, 1998

Byron Alexander Graduate Mentor Award, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 1994

James C. Seaver Lecture on Continuing Issues in Western Civilization, Humanities & Western Civilization Program, 1991

H. Bernerd Fink, Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award, 1985


Professional Experience

1993-Present—Professor, University of Kansas
1995-2015—Chair, History of Art Department, University of Kansas
1986-93—Associate Professor, University of Kansas
1980-86—Assistant Professor, University of Kansas


History of Art Department Chair, University of Kansas, 1995-–2015
Member, International Board, Historians of Netherlandish Art, 2000–04
Chair, Historians of Netherlandish Art Committee for New Board Members' Nominations and Elections, 2003
Chair, College Art Association Distinguished Teaching of Art History Award Committee, 1994–95
Member, College Art Association Distinguished Teaching of Art History Award Committee, 1992–94